Aliaksandr Autayeu


I am a researcher and a software engineer.

I am looking for my next challenge now: contact me with potential collaboration ideas.


Previously I was a member of KnowDive group and collaborated with Fausto Giunchiglia. My research interests included knowledge management and semantics with a focus on knowledge maintenance via gamification and crowdsourcing. My research interests also included semantic matching and NLP.

Great ideas stimulate and entertain my mind, that is why I volunteered at TED and made «ideas worth spreading» available to a wider audience by translating TED talks from English into Russian. I took great care to preserve the essence of every talk and individual style of every speaker, searching for the best idioms and expressions which would get to the idea into the hearts and minds of Russian audience. I was top Russian translator at TED and I coordinated the work of Russian section. I worked in close collaboration; I appreciated and enjoyed the support of my fellow TED translators, reviewers and language coordinators.

Hobbies and interests

I was a contributing member of Skippervela association. In the past I volunteered as a skipper assistant for cooperativa sociale Arché, which works in social sphere and uses a specially designed and equipped sailing boat for sailing therapy.

My interests range from a variety of topics in computer science, such as semantic matching, natural language processing, knowledge maintenance, gamification, crowdsourcing to photography, languages, polyhedrons to sailing, volleyball and hiking in the mountains.


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I am very open to collaboration in different forms, from volunteer to commercial, from academic to business.

My name is Aliaksandr. My surname is Autayeu. Contact me via email «name at surname dot com».